How To Cancel The Annual Fee Of The Credit Card (The Most Effective Way)

Contrary to popular belief, consumers do not have to pay a credit card to get a credit card, the legal regulations issued to protect the rights of consumers in this regard and enable them to have a credit card without paying fees. In this context, how to cancel the annual dues of the credit card, credit card without dues and derivative issues will be useful.

Can Credit Card Fees be Returned?

Can Credit Card Fees be Returned?

Until October 2014, consumers paid an exorbitant amount of annual card dues for the credit cards they used and demanded a refund by applying to the BRSA or the bank for this situation. BRSA, which enacted the Law on the Protection of Consumers, which required serious reforms on some issues in October 2014, required banks to make some changes in their applications regarding credit cards.

The issue of repayment of the credit card fee paid among these obligations is still controversial. Card dues payments made in October 2014 have ongoing court cases in consumer courts, but since this date has been established as a legal basis for card dues, it is not possible for consumers to reclaim their card dues.

However, some changes have been made with this obligation, and the most important of these is that the consumer can switch to credit cards without dues if requested.

Consumers Can Use No Credit Cards

Consumers Can Use No Credit Cards

Following the regulation issued by the BRSA, it was made compulsory for each bank to issue at least one subscription-free credit card. In this context, if the consumers, who stated that they do not want to pay the card fees, reported this to their bank, it was made possible to switch from the dues credit card to the credit card without dues.

No arrangement was made regarding the kind of features of credit cards without dues. Consumers are completely left to the initiative of the bank regarding the features they will have with the related credit card.

If consumers decide to use a credit card without a subscription, all they have to do is report it to their bank. After this notification, the bank has to take a relevant step and allocate a credit card without the dues with the same limit.

Additional Card fees


As it is known, some banks may request annual card fees for additional cards. After the BRSA regulation that came into force, it was decided that the annual card fees of the supplementary cards should not exceed 50% of the original credit card annual card fees. For example, a person who pays a 200 USD card subscription for the original credit card every year can pay a maximum of 100 USD card fees for the supplementary card.

Exceptional Cases

Banks can not demand card fees from consumers in case of some situations. These situations are:

  • Virtual cards,
  • Credit cards that have never been used and are not subject to any expenditure,
  • No credit card fee is collected for credit cards that have not been used for at least 180 days.

As stated in the BRSA legislation, each bank is obliged to issue a credit card without dues. The only thing that needs to be done in this context is to contact the bank and state that no credit cards are requested. Even if a credit card is already used, the bank has to replace it with the dues.

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