Retail Loans As of July 2019, 420 Billion Dollar

Globally and inevitably, the fluctuations in the economy field in our country push the citizen to invest in housing or automobiles even more than before, and therefore the number of consumer loans demanded by banks is increasing considerably. Demand for consumer loans not only for housing or automobile ownership but also for various reasons, such as education or household goods, is noticeably increasing.

The results of the research and disclosed statistics

The Banks Association of Turkey (TBB), according to the July issue of Risk Center monthly newsletter, bank and granted to citizens by financial institutions other than banks is understood that individual credit rate showed 5.3 percent increase over last year. As a result of this rate, retail loans have increased to 420 billion dollars.

Istanbul is at the top of the list As a result of the prohibition of installments using credit cards, especially during the purchase of mobile phones, a considerable increase has been observed in the number of citizens who receive a small consumer loan, such as 3 thousand or 5 thousand.

When looking at the use of credit cards, according to a study, 52.5 percent of the total credit card users use their credit card limits up to 5 thousand Turkish dollars.

When analyzed by the amount


It was observed that a portion of 46.9 percent had a credit card limit of over 25 thousand Turkish dollars. As a result of the researches, if we look at the highest personal loan usage statistics across the country, Istanbul ranks first with the use of 145 billion Turkish dollars consumer loans, and another highest loan following Istanbul with the use of personal loans in the amount of 42.5 billion Turkish dollars.

Our province was Ankara. Izmir, on the other hand, ranked third with 27.4 billion Turkish dollars consumer loans. Kahramanmaraş was the city with the highest rate of personal loan utilization in the last 1 year, with 9.5. Although average personal loan utilization rates per capita will be analyzed, it is observed that Van, Ankara and Mersin are in the first three places, respectively.

Finally, when we look at the ratio of receivables to be liquidated, our province of Adana ranked first with 8.5. How Much Cash Loan Has Been Used By July 2019 Banks Association of Turkey (TBB) if the Risk Center monthly newsletter Referring to the figures published in the July 2019 compared to July 2015, 13 percent with an increase, banks and some financial support which institutions citizens directly disbursed cash loans outside banks to 1 trillion 900 billion Turkish It reached a figure like dollars.

While the amount of cash loan extended by banks

While the amount of cash loan extended by banks

To this amount is 1 trillion 823 billion Turkish dollars, 37 billion Turkish dollars is part of the financial leasing companies, 19 billion Turkish dollars is financing companies and 22 billion Turkish dollars is a cash loan by factoring companies. It has been disbursed. If we look at the ratio of July in comparison to the same month of the previous year, it is observed that the receivables that need to be liquidated reached 28 billion Turkish dollars with an increase of 28 percent.

Again, when we compared July 2019 to the previous month, this rate remained unchanged with 3 percent. It is stated that this rate is calculated as 2.8 percent in banks, 7.3 percent in factoring companies and 6.7 percent in financial leasing companies.

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